Backyard Chickens, a Story from the Perspective of Animals

* Dialogue obviously made up, nothing else is. There used to be a routine with the backyard chickens. They would wake up and begin squawking and jump around inside their coop until released. When released, they would run and jump and check out under the bird feeders. Sometimes chickens such as Elvis, Bruce, and Comrade … Continue reading Backyard Chickens, a Story from the Perspective of Animals


More Tours & Goats & Fun Chaos

Goodness me, puppies specialize in destruction and being in the way. A half hour later I think I am settled enough to write. Jewel is lying suspiciously at my feet in the office; I hope she doesn't eat through any more wires. Yesterday was also a busy, lovely, social day. My sister, her husband, and … Continue reading More Tours & Goats & Fun Chaos

happy farm happy updates

There are a variety of words to describe my life -- a bit odd, eccentric, alternative, rural, punk -- but one thing is for sure: no one can call my life boring. I'm back to taking things day by day, and it's not because I'm sad, but because otherwise I'd have to spend half my … Continue reading happy farm happy updates

The Way of Chicken Farming

Oh boy, where do I even start? I was able to pick up the adorable cochin/silkie mixes!  SO HAPPY. My Pet Poultry Happy Farm business cards arrived! I gave away some to one friend and one of them was left on the patio and I shoot you no shit the next day a random RSL … Continue reading The Way of Chicken Farming

Animals Animals Animals

Since it's been more than two weeks since my last post, tons and tons and tons have happened.  Why?  Because that's the way of chicken farming.  It is very exciting and fast-paced. On a hamster note, Officer Hammy and Ursula's first baby went to his new home.  He lives with my mother-in-law now! The room … Continue reading Animals Animals Animals

Waking up with Chickens / Chicken Dynamics

My, my, my, life is hectic and overwhelming and crazy and yet still awesome. There is a lot I could be writing about, instead I'd like to keep entry relatively simple and talk about my basic day with my chickons and the dynamics of my flock. People ask me if my cocks wake me up … Continue reading Waking up with Chickens / Chicken Dynamics

I Have a Huge Family Now

I was actually hesitant to post in my blog after all of my excitement.  It's almost unbelievable the animal adventures I'm having nowadays and I'm trying to calm it down to a point where people won't look at me funny when I try to explain what I've been up to. Some people I haven't seen … Continue reading I Have a Huge Family Now