When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans

Sheepie had a grand adventure the other day. "Grand" by his dull sheep standards; he spent most of the day by himself. I had to work until close on Friday night, which is becoming a slight problem as the animals should now be closed up around 7:00. When I came home, it was dark and … Continue reading When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans


Backyard Chickens, a Story

This is a continuation of Backyard Chickens, a Story from the Perspective of Animals. ~ It was 5:30 (17:30) in the evening and the sky was remarkably dark. "It looks like it's 8:30," commented the grandmother, referencing the time that the sun set. "It does!" exclaimed Farmer Alixandra and she stopped counting her husband's custom ordered … Continue reading Backyard Chickens, a Story

More Tours & Goats & Fun Chaos

Goodness me, puppies specialize in destruction and being in the way. A half hour later I think I am settled enough to write. Jewel is lying suspiciously at my feet in the office; I hope she doesn't eat through any more wires. Yesterday was also a busy, lovely, social day. My sister, her husband, and … Continue reading More Tours & Goats & Fun Chaos