More Happiness, Please.

It's been a tough week and hard to keep happy at my happy farm. Hard but not impossible - I am, after all, surrounded by the loveliest of creatures and beautiful scenery. I'm a little hopped up on meds, and have been on and off this week for two different things, and I'm fighting some … Continue reading More Happiness, Please.


When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans

Sheepie had a grand adventure the other day. "Grand" by his dull sheep standards; he spent most of the day by himself. I had to work until close on Friday night, which is becoming a slight problem as the animals should now be closed up around 7:00. When I came home, it was dark and … Continue reading When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans

Waking up with Chickens / Chicken Dynamics

My, my, my, life is hectic and overwhelming and crazy and yet still awesome. There is a lot I could be writing about, instead I'd like to keep entry relatively simple and talk about my basic day with my chickons and the dynamics of my flock. People ask me if my cocks wake me up … Continue reading Waking up with Chickens / Chicken Dynamics

Chicken Farming Madness

Last night I dreamt that I slept in past 7:30pm and subsequently missed a whole day of playing with and caring for my chickons.  Thankfully I was able to wake up at a decent time aaaand I woke up to chirping coming from my incubator.  Two chicks were “pipping.” After a long day of waiting, … Continue reading Chicken Farming Madness

A High Stress but Happy Day

Last night my boss text messaged this to me: "Also do me a favour please and remove the chicken pics from the cabinets in the front. Not that I don't love chickens lol but I don't want customers focusing on that in the front. Feel free to use the drawing room..." and "'s not so … Continue reading A High Stress but Happy Day

Mother’s Day Ducks

Today I added some Muscovy ducks to the barn.  They are a Mother's Day present from my dear husband. I could now be considered a duck 'n' chicken farmer (duckin' chicken farmer has a nice ring to it if you say it quickly) but I think I'll just stick to calling myself a chicken farmer … Continue reading Mother’s Day Ducks