Quick house pet update

The house pets* live pretty interesting lives, if I do say so myself. Chopsy the supposed-mini-pig is starting to develop a reputation as the fashion police. If my mother or I wear socks and sandals around him, he'll try to remove the sandals. He dislikes unnecessary zippers. Shoelaces and trousers that are baggy at the … Continue reading Quick house pet update


The Way of Chicken Farming

Oh boy, where do I even start? I was able to pick up the adorable cochin/silkie mixes!  SO HAPPY. My Pet Poultry Happy Farm business cards arrived! I gave away some to one friend and one of them was left on the patio and I shoot you no shit the next day a random RSL … Continue reading The Way of Chicken Farming

Animals Animals Animals

Since it's been more than two weeks since my last post, tons and tons and tons have happened.  Why?  Because that's the way of chicken farming.  It is very exciting and fast-paced. On a hamster note, Officer Hammy and Ursula's first baby went to his new home.  He lives with my mother-in-law now! The room … Continue reading Animals Animals Animals

Today’s Animal News

One of the first orders of business today was to restock some animal supplies.  I was supposed to go last night with my husband but when he didn't really seem in the mood I jumped on the opportunity to compromise: "I don't mind going by myself at all tomorrow, just don't be surprised if I … Continue reading Today’s Animal News

Ridiculously Irritating Robins

Warning: this post mentions the death of many robins and might be upsetting to some readers. I think I becoming most irritated by robins because there is rarely a happy outcome, no matter which way it is handled. My fuck, the animals have been up to no good and have caused some real chaos. Everything … Continue reading Ridiculously Irritating Robins

I Have a Huge Family Now

I was actually hesitant to post in my blog after all of my excitement.  It's almost unbelievable the animal adventures I'm having nowadays and I'm trying to calm it down to a point where people won't look at me funny when I try to explain what I've been up to. Some people I haven't seen … Continue reading I Have a Huge Family Now