Meet Alixandra

I’m Alixandra and this is blog is about my life on my cool Pet Poultry Happy Farm.

I decided to write about my adventures because I was beginning to get funny looks from people and I think my friends were getting sick of hearing about my cocks and hens and cats.  (See my see my introduction post.)

I’ve spent my life in Ontario, Canada, where I originally lived in the country, then moved to a somewhat shitty city, then moved to super sketchy parts of that city, and now I’m happily back in the country with my awesome family.

I had a somewhat unconventional upbringing and now I can’t be arsed to adhere to society’s norms.  (In simple terms, I am a rebel.)

I’m not very good with writing my own biography, so here are some facts instead:

  1. I’m big time into punk and oi! music.  I describe myself as “punk” even though I’m more active in the skinhead scene.  I listen to a lot of oi! music; I get to put it on throughout the tattoo shop I work at.  I love going to shows too.
  2. Cute Husband and I also managed to produce my son, Mason!  He’s 8 and very clever. Sometimes I get a little weirded out talking about my son online, just because it’s so public, so you might not hear me mention him too much even though obviously he’s an even bigger part of my life than chicken farming and tattoo shop managing!

only alixandra

chicken farmer alixandra

happy alixandra
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(yes I’ve been told my smile is messed up and that I have big teeth)