Located in Ontario, Canada, currently not willing to ship anything. Comment at the bottom of the page to begin the process; E-mail address coming one day.
Last updated August 2016.

Cock – FREE to good homes
Ungraded Edible Eggs – FREE for pick-up when available
Animal Bones –  $5
5 Fertile Barnyard Mix Eggs – $5
Day Old Chick – $5
12 Fertile Barnyard Mix Eggs – $10
Fancy Cock – $15

Previously Available / Out of Stock / No Longer Available

Baby Hamsters – FREE to good homes


I am occasionally interested in purchasing poultry supplies (waterers/feeders, toys, heatpads, lamps, coops, and so forth), hens of any breed, either sex of very special breeds (Polish, silkies, naked-neck frizzles, and so forth), straw or other bedding, good quality feed or treats, and other similar items.

In the future I would be interested in getting a pure white silkie rooster and some smaller chicken coops to separate the different ages and breeds more.  Right now I’m mostly looking for hens.

I would pay someone $25 if they could help me with Houdini’s spurs (aka griffin talons!). Only in a nice way, as Houdini is very sweet but he doesn’t get that his spurs are a little scary to humans and probably hens.



If you are a farmer who can offer any of the above things please contact me.  I would be happy to place an ad for your farm on this page, as well as keep your number if you’re local and offer products/cute pets I consistently need.  Please comment below until I’ve setup a better contact system.  Thank you!


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