Once upon a time there were two hamsters: Officer Hammy and Ursula.

“Officer Hammy, at your assistance, ma’am!  Or sir!”

It started because myson’s cousins (my nephews) got this adorable Syrian cow hamster named Jingle who was very well-behaved. Mason wanted his own hamster too. As I’m generally always down for more pets, I eagerly agreed, fully expecting to care for the hamster myself.

Along came Officer Hammy, the friendliest hamster I could find after visiting four or five stores in three different cities.  Apparently there was quite the hamster shortage at the time.  I knew males were friendlier, so I was being particular.

It took a day or two for our dear ham to be named.  After much debate, we finally settled on Officer Jeff Cena Hammy (Cena is his middle name) and I call him Officer Hammy.

Officer Hammy keeps the family safe.  Occasionally he will attend different army training camps in myson’s room where he successfully evades enemies and completes missions. Sometimes he will go on patrol in his hamster ball.  Usually he hangs out at his station, which is currently located in my bedroom but will be moved to my office soon.  I think Officer Hammy needs a more professional atmosphere.

Anyways, so Mason continued to be interested in Officer Hammy and insisted that he was his hamster (which he is), so I decided to get my own hamster.  This was kinda’ my plan all along anyways.


So Ursula and Officer Hammy became friends despite living in separate cages.  They would visit each other and Officer Hammy was rather polite and Ursula was occasionally patient.

One night they had a wild party. It is a long story, perhaps a little inappropriate for this blog, and long story short they were left alone for a bit of time but seemed completely uninterested in each other so I naively did not expect a thing.

Officer Hammy and Ursula continued on with their lives.  Ursula had a brief stage where she seemed more skittish but was otherwise fine.  She did bite me once, which was unlike her.

One day I’ll write more about the discovery of babies and how they spent the first two weeks of their lives. Now they’re bigger and IMO cuter so they’re fun to play with despite their sour attitudes and rapid speed.