Incubation Rounds

Incubation Round #2 – July/August 2016

  1. Lenny
  2. Mandolin
  3. Peeps
  4. Mandarin
  5. Orchid
  6. Jazz Frex
  7. Cornelia
  8. Marigold
  9. Lemongrass
  10. Unnamed Chicky
  11. Unnamed Ill Chicky
  12. Cinnamon
  13. Speckles
  14. Kentucky
  15. Patrick (duck)
  16. Sidney (duck)
  17. Oliver (duck)

Incubation Round #1 – May 2016

The first incubation round yielded 20 adorable baby chicks.

I had 2 stillborns (dead developed, unhatched chicks) and a few eggs that did not develop.

Two of the chicks were injured, and both injured ones passed away even though I do not think it was due to their injuries, I think it was due to their lack of interest in life after realizing they could be handicapped.  😦

None of the chicks were sold or given away.  15 were moved to the barn to live amongst the rest of the flock and 3 live in my backyard (which is in view of the barn anyways) with 3 adopted silkie chicks.

In approximate order of birth.  As you can imagine, some of them are a bit hard to keep track of so this is my best attempt at chronicling their lives.

  1. Bruce
    First hatched, playful, the only chick to try to play with the inside incubator wires. Currently lives in my backyard as my favourite chickie.
  2. Yellow Baby 1
    Lived in the barn and has unfortunately passed away.
  3. Pocahontas (formerly Yellow Baby 2)
    Has some lovely colouring, even a few greenish feathers, likely going a male and going to be renamed John Smith. Lives in barn.
  4. Elvis
    Affectionate, confident, lives in backyard with Bruce. He is a beautiful Barred Rock. After a few months in the backyard, he unfortunately developed a tumour on his head. He is expected to not last much longer. 😦
  5. Richard (formerly Unnamed Brown 1)
    Lives in barn, gorgeous colouring, might be girl after all. Sometimes a bit of a jerk.
  6. Eggberta
    Lives in barn, a bit skittish. Looks like a slightly more colourful version of Whitey.
  7. Lunatic Fringe (formerly Unnamed Grey)
    Originally a dick, he started to care well for his fellow chicks and now that he has developed into a lovely looking rooster he is a lot more docile. He lives in the barn.
  8. Cleo
    Friendly, gorgeous one.  She lightened up a lot! She has blue feet now and lives in the barn.
  9. Pippin (formerly Yellow Baby 3 w/ frizzle-feet)
    In barn, a bit bossy, easy to pick up. Looks a lot like Una Jacobine.
  10. Bloodeye (formerly unnamed Black Baby 1)
    Was blinded while still in brooder, recovered but never regained vision and he passed away after a few weeks.
  11. Uma (formerly Unnamed Brown 2, Una Jacobine’s baby)
    Injured (foot stuck under something that was pinned by a bunch of other chicks), never fully recovered, and passed away.
  12. Shakur (Whitetail’s Baby)
    Sweet baby in barn who passed away far too early. 😦 (eaten by a predator)
  13. Oreo (Zebby’s baby)
    Not as friendly as he used to be once moved to the barn, so he was moved back into the backyard. Likely a she.
  14. Whitey (formerly Yellow Baby 4)
    In barn, probably a cock, cute and independent, most likely male RSL.
  15. Yellow Baby 5
    Passed away in barn.
  16. Halo (formerly Yellow Baby with Black Stripes)
    In barn, has a bit of an attitude towards other chicks at times, and is just bloody adorable.
  17. Dinner (formerly Dark Yellow Baby)
    Was in the barn.  Well-tempered chick who is friends with most. She looked like a RSL and always hung out with the other reds. She has since passed away.
  18. Austin Frex (Freckles’s baby)
    My son’s chick.  Lives in backyard, is rather sassy at times. Possibly a female, hard to tell.
  19. Liu Kang (formerly Yellow Baby 6)
    Lived in the barn earlier than expected due to his insistence for independence. Was unfortunately found dead a month or so after moving to the barn.
  20. Cockadoodledo (formerly Medium Yellow Baby)
    Frankly seems simple-minded.  RSL mix.  Was in my backyard but he seemed unhappy exploring with the other chicks so he was moved to the barn where he chills much more.  Does not like being handled because it is scary to him.



Bruce Growing Up

Elvis Growing Up

Richard Growing Up

Lunatic Fringe Growing Up

Cleo Growing Up