I’m just getting this page started, I’d appreciate any written reviews to actually put down!

If you share any of my chicken pictures on Instagram please make sure I am aware so I can post it here! Yay!

“Chicken Farmer Alixandra, how do your backyard eggs taste?”

I’m told my free eggs are delicious with a rich and delicious yolk, less eggy smell, more watery egg-whites, and harder to peel the darker brown they are. I’ve personally eaten 2 eggs so far and I think they’re decent, a little gross knowing where they come from.

If it matters, my hamster babies absolutely adored a backyard egg and devoured the whole thing.  If you have any hamsters at home you might want to get an egg off me to make your hammykins happy, assuming eggs are OK for hamsters which I haven’t actually looked into!

“Chicken Farmer Alixandra, is it fun to visit your chicken farm?”

Surprisingly, most children under 5 say NO.  They appear to find it intimidating when a dozen or more chickens come running at them and I admit my cocks do size up new people, even though they’ve never attacked anyone.

Teens and young adults seem to have an unexpectedly good time at my farm. Even some who originally chirped me can’t resist visiting my cool flock or admiring cute chicks or laughing at a hen’s antics. Even those who are not drawn to animals the way I am (aka those who find animals “lame” whatever tf that means) find it amusing to try to feed, pat, or hold chickens.

Adults thirty and older also enjoy my farm, but they’re more guarded about it. They don’t want to admit a bunch of cocks and hens get them giddily excited at their age. (Not really, I’m making mad assumptions and only basing this on my parents’ reactions.)

Fans of Alixandra’s Happy Chicken Farm


Chicken Farming Criticism

I found out that some people really disagree with chicken farming.


To date, 1 person has told me chicken farming is lame to my face.
To date, 3 people have told me they’re too scared of my chickens to want to hang out with them.


This is to date my favourite argument against chicken farming online:



“Consuming eggs that would otherwise be thrown into the forest demands suffering of chickens.”
Tell Me About Your Experience!

Comments are allowed so fellow chicken farmers can share their stories of non-chicken farmers totally not getting it! 😀

Feel free to share your own experiences!


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