I currently own four darling kitties.

Adina & Spyder

Black Chantilly-Tiffany
DOB: 2009 (age 7)
Adopted: 2009 from shelter

Adina was adopted when she was only 6 or 8 weeks old (I’d need to grab the adoption papers out) from the local humane society. My then-boyfriend-now-husband got him for me as a surprise; when I came home from school that day he told me to look in our son’s crib and there was sweet little fluffy baby Adina, who was about the size of an xBox controller when we got her.

Adina is the alpha, the OG, the queen kitty.  She has the cutest little feminine meow and she is incredibly picky with the people she likes.  She is completely bonded to me and tolerates maybe 5 other people.  Otherwise she is a huge bitch to people.  She does, however, have Spyder’s back and she has backed Spyder up in two fights against dogs now!

Adina likes dry cat food, head-butting, laser pointers, listening to whistling, sassing other animals as they walk away, snuggling, and vindictively peeing.
Adina dislikes babies, being patted by strangers, commotion, goats, most people, parties, Suzy the cat, and Tess the cat.


Orange Domestic Short Hair
DOB: April 2009 (age 7)
Adopted: 2009

Spyder is obese, pro-active, tough, and loyal.  One thing I really like about her is, instead of having a bit pout-fest like Adina, she will adjust to circumstances even if she doesn’t like them.  For example, when I adopted Zero, it took Adina a long time to warm up to him and she was mad at me, but Spyder accepted that Zero was part of the family and eventually she would just insist on sitting on my lap with him.  Another example is that Spyder is learning to tolerate dog visitors, as my mom brings her two dogs over all the time nowadays, whereabouts Adina just insists on sleeping in my bedroom by herself.  Spyder is also very protective of me.

Spyder likes eating, eating some more, lazing around outside, sleeping on the computer chair, swatting humans when they try to stop patting her, and wet cat food.
Spyder dislikes dogs and my son. She’s a jerk at times!


DOB: Unknown (age at least 2)
Adopted: June 2015

When I worked at my previous job, Suzy showed up one Thursday from the forest that surrounded my work and hung out there until my shift at Sunday.  Naturally I had to adopt her.
She is very friendly and playful.  It’s hard to wash your hands if Suzy catches you in the bathroom because she gets a kick out of sitting in the sink.  My mom is especially stalked by Suzy as Suzy thinks the reflection caused by my mom’s glasses are really cool.  Suzy loves the laser pointer.  It is futile trying to keep Suzy off of counters.  Suzy is also a master at escaping/entering rooms.  Long story short, I love Suzy but she’s a lot of work!

Suzy likes being patted, children, exploring, going outside, knocking things off surfaces, laser pointers, meeting new people, playing hide and seek, playing more-or-less gently with hamsters, reflections, and sinks.
Suzy dislikes being contained.


Pink/Light Sphynx
DOB: April of what year?
Adopted: can’t remember

Zero is my “premium kitty.”  He’s also my dumbest and most lovable kitty.  I like to dress him up in costumes and impress people at parties with him.  My son insists that Zero sleeps on his bed every night and it’s great because Zero loves it; oftentimes I’ll check on my son in the middle of the night and Zero is all snuggled up, purring up a storm.

Zero likes blankets, heat, jumping on high surfaces despite his lack of coordinate, sleeping on people’s faces, and sunbathing.
Zero likes the cold and lack of attention.