Quick house pet update

The house pets* live pretty interesting lives, if I do say so myself. Chopsy the supposed-mini-pig is starting to develop a reputation as the fashion police. If my mother or I wear socks and sandals around him, he'll try to remove the sandals. He dislikes unnecessary zippers. Shoelaces and trousers that are baggy at the … Continue reading Quick house pet update


Icky sicky ickiness

My work week (at the tattoo shop, not my farm) started on Wednesday and I feel like I've hit the ground running since.  An hour and a half meeting spurred a big list for me to get done, which normally motivates me and did motivate me on Thursday, but then I felt randomly under the … Continue reading Icky sicky ickiness

More Happiness, Please.

It's been a tough week and hard to keep happy at my happy farm. Hard but not impossible - I am, after all, surrounded by the loveliest of creatures and beautiful scenery. I'm a little hopped up on meds, and have been on and off this week for two different things, and I'm fighting some … Continue reading More Happiness, Please.

Some Cold Hard Chicken Farming Truth

It's strange the things that have become normal, while I'm still generally in awe of my fantastic situation and blessed life.  I still appreciate walking up the farm driveway, seeing the chickens run out towards me, hearing the roosters crow, and the like; all simple things. Those will never get old. Yesterday when I opened … Continue reading Some Cold Hard Chicken Farming Truth

Ridiculously Irritating Robins

Warning: this post mentions the death of many robins and might be upsetting to some readers. I think I becoming most irritated by robins because there is rarely a happy outcome, no matter which way it is handled. My fuck, the animals have been up to no good and have caused some real chaos. Everything … Continue reading Ridiculously Irritating Robins

A Typical Day with Kit-Kat-Kittykins

It seems funny to call myself a "cat collector" when cats are among the least of my animal collections lately.  I have more chickens and hamsters than cats. In my defense, I'm limited to 5 cats (currently own 4) thanks to municipal laws. I am under the impression that I can own up to 300 chickens. … Continue reading A Typical Day with Kit-Kat-Kittykins