A few more animals won’t make a difference…

It's too hard to try to catch up on things. My happy farm and crazy-busy life means things are constantly changing. I contacted this lady about getting some girlfriends for Sheepie, who continues to live his miserable life as Big Daddy's bitch in that strange goat-sheep triangle relationship that's happening. The lady had calico sheep that … Continue reading A few more animals won’t make a difference…


More Happiness, Please.

It's been a tough week and hard to keep happy at my happy farm. Hard but not impossible - I am, after all, surrounded by the loveliest of creatures and beautiful scenery. I'm a little hopped up on meds, and have been on and off this week for two different things, and I'm fighting some … Continue reading More Happiness, Please.

When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans

Sheepie had a grand adventure the other day. "Grand" by his dull sheep standards; he spent most of the day by himself. I had to work until close on Friday night, which is becoming a slight problem as the animals should now be closed up around 7:00. When I came home, it was dark and … Continue reading When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans

Some Cold Hard Chicken Farming Truth

It's strange the things that have become normal, while I'm still generally in awe of my fantastic situation and blessed life.  I still appreciate walking up the farm driveway, seeing the chickens run out towards me, hearing the roosters crow, and the like; all simple things. Those will never get old. Yesterday when I opened … Continue reading Some Cold Hard Chicken Farming Truth

Backyard Chickens, a Story

This is a continuation of Backyard Chickens, a Story from the Perspective of Animals. ~ It was 5:30 (17:30) in the evening and the sky was remarkably dark. "It looks like it's 8:30," commented the grandmother, referencing the time that the sun set. "It does!" exclaimed Farmer Alixandra and she stopped counting her husband's custom ordered … Continue reading Backyard Chickens, a Story

Waking up with Chickens / Chicken Dynamics

My, my, my, life is hectic and overwhelming and crazy and yet still awesome. There is a lot I could be writing about, instead I'd like to keep entry relatively simple and talk about my basic day with my chickons and the dynamics of my flock. People ask me if my cocks wake me up … Continue reading Waking up with Chickens / Chicken Dynamics

drunk alix strikes again

Maaan, I thought I had today relatively under control considering last night's adventures, but I'm starting to realize drunk Alix might have been up to more than I initially thought. As always, since my mum side comes first and all that jazz, I want to clarify that my son was having a sleepover at his grandmother's … Continue reading drunk alix strikes again