Quick house pet update

The house pets* live pretty interesting lives, if I do say so myself. Chopsy the supposed-mini-pig is starting to develop a reputation as the fashion police. If my mother or I wear socks and sandals around him, he'll try to remove the sandals. He dislikes unnecessary zippers. Shoelaces and trousers that are baggy at the … Continue reading Quick house pet update


Fluffy Farming Adventures

Not only are my ears rebelling, but my throat has joined the uprise against me. I didn't go to work today. I clocked out an hour early last night and spent the final hour crying like a baby. Needless to say, I am not very impressed, so I'm writing a happy post instead. Sheepie remains … Continue reading Fluffy Farming Adventures

A Typical Day with Kit-Kat-Kittykins

It seems funny to call myself a "cat collector" when cats are among the least of my animal collections lately.  I have more chickens and hamsters than cats. In my defense, I'm limited to 5 cats (currently own 4) thanks to municipal laws. I am under the impression that I can own up to 300 chickens. … Continue reading A Typical Day with Kit-Kat-Kittykins