Quick house pet update

The house pets* live pretty interesting lives, if I do say so myself. Chopsy the supposed-mini-pig is starting to develop a reputation as the fashion police. If my mother or I wear socks and sandals around him, he’ll try to remove the sandals. He dislikes unnecessary zippers. Shoelaces and trousers that are baggy at the bottom are fair game to bite.

Chopsy lives for food and belly rubs, and he also thoroughly enjoys meeting new dogs to befriend. His favourite human is my mom, who spoils him.

He has a talent for making unnerving noises. He stopped squealing so much when he gets let out for the day, but he still cries bloody murder every time I put him back at night. He sleeps in a secure dog-house on my patio and lives in my garage during the day, as he is too small to free range in my backyard. He gets cold easily, anyways, so he appreciates the heat in the garage.

Sometimes I bring him into the house, but I’m really pushing it with my husband so I’m trying to tone it down. I already “pulled a fast one” (quotations because we both knew what I was doing) when I moved Taunton the chick into my office and talked about moving him out without making any move to do so.

Poor Taunton. He’s a little baby chicky on his own, and one night he almost froze to death when I tried to put him with older chicks and they completed alienated him. This wasn’t my first attempt to put him with others. So, *temporarily* Taunton is staying in my office, which also doubles as a hamster police station for Officer Hammy and Officer Feisty Mouth.

Suzy (one of my kitties) loves the extra pets inside. Adina hates it; the one day I brought a goat inside she was super unimpressed.

Hm. I would have liked to write more but it’s nearly ten and I still have to exercise. I work tomorrow. I forgot my cell phone at work. Peace.

* including backyard & garage pets


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