A few more animals won’t make a difference…

It’s too hard to try to catch up on things. My happy farm and crazy-busy life means things are constantly changing.

I contacted this lady about getting some girlfriends for Sheepie, who continues to live his miserable life as Big Daddy’s bitch in that strange goat-sheep triangle relationship that’s happening. The lady had calico sheep that were apparently smaller than the average sheep, both ewes, and I hoped Sheepie would want to hang out with them instead since he continually makes the choice to be around Big Daddy.

The sheep had already been sold.


She also had alpacas and Indian Runner ducks.

So I declined the multiple pygmy, dwarf, alpine, Boer, Kinder, & pocket goats, mini-pigs, mini-horses, horses, and mini-cows that people offered to sell me in the last two weeks and said heck the fuck yeah to getting alpacas, Indian Runner ducks, and a lovely collection of Easter Egger chickens.

The barn is a bit chaotic as the animals adjust to each other, and Big Daddy has had an awful temper lately. He hit me (by accident, mind you) between the legs with his horns while I was asking Alpaca Lady if the alpacas would mind living with him. The answer was a quick no. Now he’s deciding to break down doors because I cleaned it up so he could see more of the barn from his new (and soon to be heated) pen and he gets mad when other animals get treats.

I have a plan for sorting out Big Daddy.  This time it doesn’t have to do with erecting or fixing yet another enclosure, methinks I will simply try to feed each animal separately. Easier said than done.

I have high hopes of training my alpacas to walk with halters. I could even show them.

I adopted a silver-laced Wyandotte as well. Unexpectedly. I was picking up some Easter Eggers, in a hurry, but I couldn’t resist asking the guy if he had any more animals for sale. It’s a good trick. I adopted another beautiful Wyandotte chicken but I’m afraid I don’t know the colour name. It’s laced of something.

OK I have lots to do. We put up our Christmas tree and it is sweet.


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