Fluffy Farming Adventures

Not only are my ears rebelling, but my throat has joined the uprise against me. I didn’t go to work today. I clocked out an hour early last night and spent the final hour crying like a baby. Needless to say, I am not very impressed, so I’m writing a happy post instead.

Sheepie remains at the barn; there has been no more talk of a buyer for him from the property owner. Big Daddy and Mama Goat continue to live with them and thanks to the help of my nice family, it’s been much easier to contain and control the goats. I’ve discovered it’s just easier if herding the goats is at least a one-woman-and-one-man job (me and someone else), or just a man’s job. I don’t have the heart to yell at the goats to get them to move.

I spent some time introducing the Polish and other fancy chickens by leaving them in what was originally the duck pen (then the goat pen, then the random sheep pen, then a nothing pen). I didn’t know if the two Polish roosters, I named them Uso and Uggs, would get along with the current barn roosters: Houdini, Flattop, Stormy, & Lunatic Fringe, with more being raised up. After some time I released them and it seems that the newcomers completely ignored the original crew.

HOWEVER, Uso and Uggs, who had been in the same pen for nearly a week and had come from the same farm, decided being released was a good time to “go” so they had quite the cock fight; neither died though so whatever.

Uso and Uggs are now avoiding each other, and they hang out more in the back half of the barn and the corresponding pastures so it is a little bit hard to keep track of them. It took me a while to find Uso and his four friends. I eventually found Uggs pouting in one of the back stalls; he reminds me a little of Patches.

Everyone else seems doing to be doing well at the barn. I think I need a bath day there soon. I recently bathed the ducklings, Homey, and Elvis. Unfortunately, unlike Midnight, they did not care for the blow-drier. Jazz Frex and Peeps are starting to find safer places to sleep, and I admit one night when I slept at the barn I cuddled Peeps for almost an hour. There have been no more deaths or missing chickens since Helga’s elusive ducklings, although the Polish fellows have been screwing my count up so I’m excluding them from “missing.”

At the house, more farming adventures as well as some regular pet adventures commenced. I restarted my computer before I finished this entry as it was being silly. I discovered Officer Hammy had been sleeping beside my computer tower when I went to turn the computer back on, and probably for a full day since I’ve been big time sleeping and left his care to other people. I’m not alarmed as Officer Hammy has wandered from his station to patrol a few times now, but still, why take the risk? I have 3 dogs and 4 cats in my house as well (also a goat at one point today hehe).

IMO, having three dogs in a house is an instant dog party. And by “party,” I mean “chaotic event.” Going outside for a fag takes a lot of pet maneuvering, especially since big girl Spyder-Lynn and sneaky Suzy (2 cats) wait at the door too. Jewel is the only permanent resident of the dogs; Mabel and Chelsea-Ann are my mom’s dogs, and have been staying over here as my mom takes care of my sick life right meow.

I think Oreo, one of my… hold on, let me count… 17 backyard chickens, is a cock. Originally I wanted Gandalf the sassy and premium Silkie to be the only backyard cock to ensure adorable chicks once a hen emerges (hi Bruce… or should I say, Kaitlyn?). But with Elvis, also likely a rooster, still more-or-less dying, Oreo will be my last barred rock chicken. I keep Elvis separate from the rest of the backyard flock because chickens are jerks and pick on sick chickens (except for the comrades, who stick together).

Anyways, my ear/face/life is bothering me so I’m going to try to occupy myself with chores and wait for beloved to return home so I can talk shop and cocks and other every day things with him.

Yep… pretty lazy with the pictures now that I’ve linked my Instagram so closely with this blog.


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