More Happiness, Please.

It’s been a tough week and hard to keep happy at my happy farm. Hard but not impossible – I am, after all, surrounded by the loveliest of creatures and beautiful scenery.

I’m a little hopped up on meds, and have been on and off this week for two different things, and I’m fighting some stupid, severe ear infection. I’ve had three doctor appointments in the past five days. And I HATE going to the doctor. I try to take my mom’s advice and not use the word “hate” too much, but I really do have a hatred of going to the doctor.

The appointments were full of bad news as well, but at least none of them were the “you actually might die” sort of bad news like I was getting two months ago.

Of course my hyperactive mind is going through multiple scenarios of my ear infection, including a good five minute debate in my head if I’m vaccinated against tetanus and if that mattered.

“I’d say you can’t die of an ear infection,” I said to my husband today or yesterday, “but I could have died from that throat infection years ago if I hadn’t treated that.”

I had a peritonsillar (sp?) abscess blocking my throat to the point where I had to be put on IV for a week since I couldn’t swallow or talk. One day my cute kitten Zero (this was just after we got him) pulled my IV out and I had to call the nurse to explain what happened but of course she couldn’t understand one bloody word I was saying, didn’t even know who I was.

That was my deciding factor for going to the doctor today.

I’ll get out my whining now, but I must say one happy thing: yay free healthcare. We don’t have any health insurance, only the normal insurance that all Ontarians are entitled to, and I think we paid $50 for prescriptions and $7 for parking.

Beyond my silly health problems, I’m having chicken farming problems too. There are signs of predators everywhere: hawks circling, a vulture digging up a grave, sheep bodies dug up, coyote prints in the open sections of the barn, eggs broken, a small grave in my front yard dug up, coyote howls, it’s very frustrating.

Last night I felt nearly devastated when I couldn’t find my ill chicken, Elvis, then I noticed Buddy (the chicken who struggles to “chicken” as a verb) was missing as well. I felt like I had neglected my animals yesterday, as I came home from work and went straight to bed, leaving the chores for my husband, as I also did with the morning barn chores today.

Elvis and Buddy were hanging out as per usual in my backyard today, as if nothing happened.

Helga’s 9 missing ducklings, including Jasmine and Helmut, are still MIA. Could a predator take down 9 ducklings and leave the mum and one duckling? Or did Helga lose them, as she does often lose track of her babies? She hasn’t impressed me with her parenting but she seems very sad that she can’t find her babies so I don’t know.

But enough sadness.

I lay down today and woke up to a cup of milk, a cookie, and a $5 bill – a sweet gesture from my 8-year-old son.

I already had today off work, as my son didn’t have school today, so it was handy that I didn’t need to call in sick for this ear infection.

I have Polish chickens. And yet I haven’t gotten any good pictures of them yet, so I’ll update my Instagram (@happychickenfarm) when I can.

My husband has been picking up all of my slack, which is there is a lot. He has taken me to every doctor’s appointment and even went above me at work and arranged for me to take today off.

We have this sweet “goat house” in the backyard now for Bruiser and Shyanne. It’s actually a dog house with plastic flaps to keep the wind out and has lots of room for them to sleep. Occasionally Shyanne tries to sleep in the chicken coop or Bruiser in the barbecue (ugh) but they usually opt for their own house.

I had this weird day on Tuesday. After taking some medication I felt light-headed and a bit out of it. I ended up going to the barn and maybe up to five hours drifted away before I even noticed. I went up to the loft and explored that thoroughly, which I had always been too afraid to do. I found 4 dead baby birds who must have fallen out of the nests; they looked very old. I went through the pastures looking for how the goats escaped and, covered in burrs by the end, I think I found the spot. I climbed a tree. I went through different pathways around the fields that maybe humans, maybe animals made.

The downside is that, ignoring the rest of the world, I fell behind in the work as the text messages came in and were forgotten about. I think I am more-or-less caught up now… well, I’m never totally caught up in managing a tattoo shop but at least the priorities are getting done.

I forced myself to eat some chicken noodle soup and now I am going to the barn to get some basic things done with my son before it gets too dark.


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