Quick barn gossip

I try to write posts on my phone all of the time and I always fuck it up, but hey, maybe the 57th time is the charm.

In this entry I am focusing on barn things.

Surprisingly, the goats put themselves to bed in their proper side pen and were still there in the morning. The downside is that their chill behaviour makes me a bit concerned that they might be lethargic/sick. They were medicated recently so they should be OK but I’d prefer to play it safe.

Big Daddy might also be annoyed because he was loving me up the other day and it was so cute then my co-worker-who-has-done-everything told me that in his experience with goats, he wants me to be his girlfriend!

No thanks!

What mainly made me say heck no was how abusive Big Daddy Goat is to his current wife, Mama Goat, and how he objects to her receiving treats. (He is getting better though as we are working on his manners.) Then I locked the big boy in a few pastures and he was quite offended by having his freedom restricted so he was pissy those days.

Sheepie continues to suck at life. 😦

It was a baby frenzy when I opened the main section of the barn. Chicks everywhere as Freckles fed not only her own chicks but all of the younger ones. There are 8 chicks from my last hatch living at the barn now. Helga and a duckling left, and I wondered for a second where the rest of the babies were.

There is a thing to the left that they could swim in if they wanted, but no. At least the proper poultry watered prevents them from doing that.

I got fresh water for the chickens, goats, and peacocks. When I went to grab a metal bowl that had fallen on the ground, a very unhappy Lenny emerged with a temper close to Peeps (Peeps bit me the other day because he dropped his food). Lenny pecked me and ran off and I followed him and picked him up to look him over; he was a lot dirtier than before, angry, but otherwise fine.

I think I’ll bring him back to the backyard.

Señor Degrassi and Mademoiselle, my duckies, thanked me for clearing out the aisle behind the stalls as they were chilling there today. Lunatic Fringe, my handraised cock, told me I looked pretty and did a little dance.


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