More Tours & Goats & Fun Chaos

Goodness me, puppies specialize in destruction and being in the way.

A half hour later I think I am settled enough to write. Jewel is lying suspiciously at my feet in the office; I hope she doesn’t eat through any more wires.

Yesterday was also a busy, lovely, social day.

My sister, her husband, and my darling nephew finally came over to visit. This was my first time meeting my 1 1/2 year nephew, as he is Australian born and raised.

Before they came over, though, we had some final prep to do. I collected a goat from the barn and ran into the property owner.

Get this.

He asked me how the Boer goats were doing.
I said uh what?
“Where are they?”
“You didn’t get rid of them?”
“Where are they?”
“I don’t know! When did you see them last?”
“When [family members of property owner] were over a few days ago. They had escaped again. I told [brother of property owner] that they were running loose and he went to the barn to put them away and I assumed they were too much work so you got rid of them… or ate them.” (Nice one, Alix.)
Thankfully within minutes we found them in this side pen area that wasn’t accessible from the main part of the barn (where my chickens live) but was opened up so that it could be accessible.  Big Daddy, Mama Goat, Sheepie, and baby goat were in there. There is another huge fenced-in pasture behind the barn, completely overgrown, and it appears the goats had access to that the whole time, and they also had a lot of hay, so they were fine, but gee fuckkikers, did I ever feel bad for being a goat neglecter and the owner felt bad for his family inadvertently hiding goats on me.

So the goats are back! Alas, they got loose again last night, but I’ll get into that after.

I collected one of the black baby goats and the body of Lonely Chicken. The goat was put in my backyard where he told Jewel to suck it and enjoyed some hay. Lonely Chicken was buried in my front garden, a former wildlife/butterfly garden that was overgrown that I am going to turn into a chicken memorial garden. Right after I decided that the silkie/cochins were hanging out there so I know it was the right choice.

Brother Jon was over again yesterday, dropping off a variety of goodies (game consoles & games, records, etc.), and he cleaned up the barn and Husband and him finished up a lot of yardwork so my yard looked much less neglected for when my dear sister returned.

Two other friends stopped in to pick up their vehicle. I was too busy loving animals to chat much with them.

So Sister-Fraukins-Schwester-Bobbles-Caboo and her husband and child, Huddykins, came over.  (Yeah we have pretty messed up names in our family; I lucked out with the normalcy of Alixandra).  We hugged and I said,
And so forth. My baby nephew loved it! He wanted to see everything and he patted everyone except the goat, who was only fascinating from a distance. Jewel the puppy really wanted to befriend the baby and ended up making him cry twice. My sister, who is a pediatric nurse, dropped the duckling twice while showing her child how to be gentle. Baby Huddy said “meow” to all of the cats except Zero, as Huddy was not buying that Zero actually is actually a cat.

We ate delicious food and went for a walk in the forest; Greg and Mason rode their ATVs while we walked with the baby and puppy. Jewel chewed through her leash and had quite a bit of fun running wild until I tied her broken leash back to her collar.

“How pretty it would be to ride horses through here,” commented rather my mother or sister as we left the forest and entered the fields, and I concur.

Then we went to my son’s soccer practice, which was at my favourite park. It is surrounded by a forest with a playground in front and I just adore swinging at the playset while watching my son play. My older sister, Cabookers, pointed out the little girls waiting to use the swing so I did give it a break after a bit. During the second half of the game, when I was back on the swings, I felt so happy and just filled with euphoria. Everything looked and sounded and smelled and felt so wonderful.

Back at our house, baby nephew was getting tired so my sister, her husband, mother, and son left.

An hour or so later, when it was time to close up the barn, I took Mason and we ended up chasing the goats through the start of a field (I was thinking, cocker spaniels, if those goats go into the corn fields they are gone, no way I’m going into a huge corn field at night time). After a few tries and Mama Goat getting stuck in a pile of wood, we managed to at least contain them in the barn.

Today I asked the property owner, my mother, and my husband if I can get a mini-horse and all three said yes.

I’m off to care for animals and all that fun stuff. If you want to see pictures check out my chicken farmin’ Instagram: @happychickenfarm



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