The Way of Chicken Farming

Oh boy, where do I even start?

  • I was able to pick up the adorable cochin/silkie mixes!  SO HAPPY.
  • My Pet Poultry Happy Farm business cards arrived!
  • I gave away some to one friend and one of them was left on the patio and I shoot you no shit the next day a random RSL hen showed up… no guarantees that my business cards spawn chickens but so far the odds are in my favour.
  • FIVE BABIES HATCHED. Lenny, Mandolin, Peeps, Jasmine, & Mandarin are their names and they live in a happy brooder in my garage.
  • Officer Hammy & Ursula’s babies have all found homes except for one, Mr. Feisty Mouth, that I’m trying to keep. One lives with my mother-in-law, two live in an apartment building near my work, and two live with my husband’s aunt.
  • I was talking to this man named Chicken Farmer Barry and he has THIRTY-FIVE barred rock hens for sale!!  I could get twenty for a ridiculously cheap price!  I don’t even care about the price, I just love barred rock chickens! Then, as if it was a sign, he casually mentioned that he has two *female* Cashmere goats for sale! And if I wanted, he knows someone with a Jenny for $1,000. The Jenny I’m not interested in as I’ve recently seen some for $600 or less, the goats I am somewhat interested in but leery because I’m not a pro goat farmer yet, and I am SUPER interested in the barred rock hens!
  • I also found a silkie hen and two babies but I didn’t realize until afterwards that they are more than an hour away :/ so are the barred rocks, but goodness, 20 hens and the possibility of other random farm pets is definitely worth the drive
  • I HAVE FIVE GOATS IN MY BARN.  A DADDY, MUMMY, & BABY BOER AND 2 BLACK ONES!  Like what a ridiculously amazing awesome surprise to come home to one day after a long day at the tattoo shop!!!!!!! GOATS!
  • I spent a lot of time talking to the property owners this weekend and I’m very encouraged that I can get more lovely barn pets if my heart so desires.
  • In the meantime I am loving being a somewhat goat farmer in addition to my chicken farming.
  • The tattoo shop also has a bunch of exciting stuff going on.
  • Pictures instead of a post next time 😀

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