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Since it’s been more than two weeks since my last post, tons and tons and tons have happened.  Why?  Because that’s the way of chicken farming.  It is very exciting and fast-paced.

On a hamster note, Officer Hammy and Ursula’s first baby went to his new home.  He lives with my mother-in-law now!

Rex Wilson!

The room that was formerly a brooder, cat, guest, Mark and Liz’s, special chicks, and cat quarantine room became Hamster Land.

It has even more cages in it that you can’t see, plus some that were added after I took those photos.  Goodness me, it’s like the hamster and therefore way less cute version of Pigs is Pigs.  Anyways, some hamsters have been claimed by family and I even placed a Kijiji ad and got a fair amount of responses, but I got cold feet over the thought of giving hamsters to strangers.  Pet stores can easily take my hamsters if I choose not to keep them, but I’m not sure I trust them to be discerning enough with their future owners.  I will have to take this somewhat seriously at some point though, lest I be accused of being a hamster hoarder.

Chickens are well sorted, but sadly since my last post tragedy has happened, as that is a sadly regular part of chicken farming.  I believe a coyote took Zebby and it was a dramatic trip as I followed the obvious trail through the long grass and saw the feathers and crossed the creek and in and out we went until my husband stepped in an anthill and was bitten by hundreds of ants.  It was then I realized I was covered in ants as well, although not the huge amount concentrated in one area like poor Greg.

A red sex link also disappeared that night.

Let’s not focus too much on the sadness.

I moved the majority of my hatched chicks, including Richard, Lunatic Fringe, Shakur, Oreo, Pippin, Cleo, John Smith (formerly Pocahontas), Whitey, Dinner, Cockadoodledoo, Liu Kang, Halo, and Eggberta, into the nesting area of the barn.  Little Liu Kang, named because of his fancy maneuvers and not very bonded to me, decided he would prefer to live with the ducks so I let him do that and he was well taken care of from the start.  I let the chickies out a few times to acclimate them to the rest of the flock and it went well.  Pippin, Halo, Lunatic Fringe, and even occasionally Oreo will try to take on Lonely Chicken (2nd cock in the pole so they better watch it; he fought and won against that random black cock) and Gandalf, but they’re starting to get it.  After a few supervised outings, the chicks decided they weren’t really keen on the nesting area arrangement and I, the stand-in mama hen, had to let them literally fly the coop.  One day I just opened the nesting door and they flooded out and said, “Thanks, but we’re good now.”  And they are.  It’s been four days and despite the enormity of the barn I’ve been able to count all of the chicks at closing each night.

The rest of the chicks, including three new lovely silkie babies I adopted from Chicken Farmer Christine, live in the backyard coop.


They also free-range happily around my backyard; they really like the overgrown garden to the left of the coop as well as the huge evergreen tree to the right (not visible in pic).

As you can imagine, the silkie babies are too cute for words, so let me share some pictures instead.

Also adorable lately are Feisty, as she is my favourite hen and thus always adorable, and Sweetpea the duck and her piggybacking chicken baby, Sweetheart.


Aaaaaand we also got a puppy.  I feel that is a long enough story to deserve a post of itself, plus I haven’t put any puppy pictures on the computer yet.  Ideally Puppykins-Jewel will help me carry supplies (mainly water) to the barn and herd up the chickens in an appropriate manner.

I’m also moving forward with my chicken farming.  That’s how you know I’ve suddenly switched to business talk: I’m moving forward.  So I created my own chicken farming Instagram, you can look me up @happychickenfarm.  I’m working on business cards.  I have nothing to sell, but I’m not going to let that stop me from networking and being a better chicken farmer.

Moving forward, my job as a tattoo shop manager has been awesome and exciting in itself. There is so much daily stuff to do, just meeting all of the cool customers and booking in people and keeping the shop in immaculate condition, but a bunch of us have some great ideas for customer appreciation and different contests and reaching out more. It’s the time we need, so now I’m playing around with schedules to see how we can get some of this extra stuff done.  Once it is settled a bit I should make a post here, since I’ll want to promote it anyways.

I’m going to go promote a smoke and coffee right now instead because it is almost 1am and I still have a few animal chores to do before going to bed, one of which involves a fun walk to the barn.

My son is back from his week-long holiday and off school so tomorrow is going to be awesome as we do stuff together! 😀

Fuck yeah, life.


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