Today’s Animal News

One of the first orders of business today was to restock some animal supplies.  I was supposed to go last night with my husband but when he didn’t really seem in the mood I jumped on the opportunity to compromise: “I don’t mind going by myself at all tomorrow, just don’t be surprised if I spend $250 dollars at the pet store.”

“New pet?” the lady at the counter asked. The other cashier, who knew me, laughed.

After that morning trip, I spent the day with my animals and, my my, it was busy as always. Instead of rambling on about the different events I compiled this newspaperesque table of today’s news. Yes, that’s right, everything happened today, although I think I posted the video on YouTube slightly after midnight so I’m pushing it a little here.

While most missing chickens in the past (pre-CFA‘s care) were listed as “missing and presumed dead,” OG hen Freckles has been suspected of “going rogue.”
Freckles originally arrived at the barn after showing up day from the forest, and she has been known to hide for a half a day or even longer at a time. However, a human continually checked in at the barn today and there were no sightings of Freckles.
If Freckles does not return in 21 days, she will be presumed dead.
Freckles was one of the original six, along with Patches, Curly, Flattop, Houdini, and Lonely Chicken.
The entire barn congratulates Sweetpea the Muscovy duck for hatching a chicken egg! This will be the first chicken egg hatched without human intervention under Alixandra’s care, the first baby born in the barn this year. The chick, a Colombian Rock chicken mix (presumed to be the late Thelma’s baby), is thus far under Sweetpea’s protection but humans will be monitoring their interactions.
Sweetpea is expecting 2-4 ducklings to hatch as well within two weeks.
It is hoped that both Sweetpea and Señor Degrassi will be good surrogate parents.
Newly-named Redhead the Red (sex link) was found in the latter stages of fly-strike. She was rushed to the house and given treatment, but the prognosis is not looking good. I’ll avoid the details as it is quite gross. She is currently swaddled and as clean as she can be in the garage.
Check out the newly released YouTube debut 11-minute video by Chicken Farmer Alixandra titled “My Life as a Chicken Farmer.”
Poultry stars include Feisty, Sweetpea, Elvis, Bruce, and Bloodeye.
Click here to see the video!
Two of the daughters of hamster policeman Officer Hammy were out of control during moving day today. When scooped up to be moved to their new home, the two girls peed on the human to show their fright and displeasure. It was also discovered that the hamster family consists of at least 3 daughters and 1 son, with 5 babies remaining unsexed.
Officer Hammy and his girlfriend, Ursula, although already accustomed to living in separate residences due to humans’ orders, had a switch-up today when they had to exchange residences. Now Officer Hammy has lost his cushy tank that was double the size of Ursula’s while his girlfriend and 9 kids take over his former residence/police station.
A starling stalker followed a human around for the majority of the day. His hatred of the human reared its ugly head when the starling followed the human, who happened to be carrying an ill chicken for treatment, and continually chirped them until exploding into a thankfully terribly aimed divebomb. It continued to follow the human and was sighted (and loudly heard) in the front yard, back yard, side yard, neighbour’s yard, and on wires over the road.
Chelsea-Ann the dog tried to coerce her human mother into giving her treats immediately by loudly barking and interrupting her as soon as she arrived home. Subsequently, she was sentenced to sitting in the corner by herself. Chelsea-Ann was inconsolable that her mother was stern and felt so guilty that she committed her second crime: peeing herself.
Chelsea has since served her sentence and is feeling much happier after being given said treats.



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