Father’s Day & Tattoos

I’m really bad at celebrating holidays.

Yesterday was Father’s Day and I slept in until 1pm.  I offered to go out to get an energy drink for my husband but instead he got us both one.  I lounged around the house and lazily did chicken chores while my husband did some work on our water filter and carried the heaviest bucket of water for me to the barn.

I got my husband a fancy tattoo book and a bottle of spiced rum, and neither were really surprises.

This week we were dedicated to prepping for the upcoming tattoo show, which I worked on Saturday.  As the shop manager I was supposed to arrange a lot of it and it was challenging considering my little experience with that.  All three tattooers have worked a dozen shows or more, I’ve attended under 10 (I think) and have only helped out at one booth before. Henceforth, a few times I was overruled and each time, in the end, I had to agree with the tattooer. As I’ve told my boss, my husband/head tattooer complains the most in the shop, but he does the most work, has the most solutions, and spends the most time there. Of course he’s going to have tons of suggestions, and some of them will go against my initial course of action as a non-tattooer manager of a tattoo shop.

The other two girls who worked the booth asked me to dress all fancy-like so all of the girls would be dressed up nicely for the show. It was tough.

Do you know what shoes I wear when I can’t wear my boots or regular shoes, regardless of the colour of the dress?

Pink flats. From Wal-Mart. From 2 years ago. They were my wedding shoes. I’m certainly getting my $30 out of them.

I did my makeup at the shop on the way to the show, but I was distracted by the lack of Internet and trying to fix that instead of fixing my hair and makeup properly. I had my piercer/friend/co-worker help me.

It was a lovely show, lovely experience, and I got to meet some cool people. I was a little disappointed that more of my acquaintances who are tattooers weren’t present, as I’m looking to offer some guest spots at the shop, but oh well. I will have to contact them other ways.

My husband bought me prints and a T-shirt at the show and 5 drinks which cost about $900. OK, not QUITE that much, but every single alcoholic drink was over $10 so it felt like we were getting gouged. And I lost a drink ticket. However, I also had 4 drinks bought for me (thanks Megan the Mechanic and my bosses!) so I literally saved $45 there.

Also always nice to see my bosses, believe it or not. The wife is on my list of people I randomly send unsolicited chicken farming updates and pictures to and she even gave me a sweet Instagram share as a chicken farmer (see here).

So that’s what has been going on outside of chicken farming and animals. I can’t seem to add the same catchiness to these posts even though many people would probably find these experiences more interesting than chicken farming! (Scoff!)

I’m sure the lack of pictures doesn’t help.

But you know what? I’m busy uploading a VLOG of my CHICKEN FARMING so that should make up for this mediocre post. And it has my husband’s cute face in it! Yay!


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