Ursula’s Dinner with her 9 Children

One night Ursula the hamster decided to take her nine children out to a restaurant. She didn’t have much of a choice, really, as the landlord (me) was doing a thorough clean of her house and they had to leave.

Ursula was a good mum, but a tired one. She resented Officer Hammy for leaving her with the abundance of babies and also for taking the larger house of the two. (In Officer Hammy’s defense, he sleeps at his station.)

The restaurant

However all heck broke lose when Ursula’s babies joined her… and it was Ursula’s fault.

Apparently Ursula doesnt use play equipment appropriately
On the table, Ursula, really?

Ursula decided to let loose and try to have fun, make the best of her circumstances. Most nights Ursula begs to come out alone to get a break from her babies but on this night she had little alone time.

Being a mum is tough, thought Ursula often and resentfully. She was so preoccupied in her own thoughts that they next thing she knew her babies were gone!

Thankfully Ursula’s babies had put themselves to bed under the restaurant platform!

It was late, Ursula realized, and she had had a great night dancing and eating, and her children had behaved very well.  Maybe it was fun, after all, being a hamster mum.

the babies back home

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