I Have a Huge Family Now

I was actually hesitant to post in my blog after all of my excitement.  It’s almost unbelievable the animal adventures I’m having nowadays and I’m trying to calm it down to a point where people won’t look at me funny when I try to explain what I’ve been up to.

Some people I haven’t seen much in the past two months and our text message conversations are just me, every week or so, texting them animal things.  First I randomly became a chicken farmer, then I acquired my 15 hens, then the owner brought up possibly getting lambs, which I said I couldn’t care for because they would be for meat, then I got 3 ducks and a drake, then the owner brought up getting two goats and a mini-horse (no progress yet), then I had 14 eggs hatch, then yesterday I acquired two silkie chicks and a silkie/cochin mix, and finally, when I went to clean out Ursula’s cage ago I discovered that she, uh, had babies.  I was shocked.  (UPDATE: two more eggs are hatching)

Since the beginning of April I’ve gone from 6 pets to 56.

While super stoked to have a bunch of baby newborn hammikins, who still have their precious eyes closed, I’m also worried that I wasn’t prepared for it.  I’m not concerned about having the surplus animals (always room at my place for more animals!), I’m more worried that I upset Ursula by disturbing her nest, but she seems to be taking it well.

I’m going to update some of my pages today, I’m learning more and more about animals at a rapid pace and I’d love to share some of it.



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