drunk alix strikes again

Maaan, I thought I had today relatively under control considering last night’s adventures, but I’m starting to realize drunk Alix might have been up to more than I initially thought.

As always, since my mum side comes first and all that jazz, I want to clarify that my son was having a sleepover at his grandmother’s house due to my work schedule.

Yesterday, “Fuck It Friday” at the shop, we all decided fuck it, the weather was awesome and we were going to get drunk that night.  We weren’t planning on drinking together as a shop or anything social like that, we just wanted to make sure everyone was cool with everyone else being hungover as shit the next day.

To clarify, the redhead in the following picture is the shop piercer and the tattooed guy is my sexy husband, acting like we need even more cocks in our life.


One tattooer and I both claim to have stopped drinking at 5am, but today he was not remotely hungover so that was a little awkward as I managed the shop in an oversized hoodie eating Mr. Noodle, drinking an energy drink, and nursing a headache while he carried on seemingly more refreshed than usual.

I’d like to charge my phone, which is at 10% battery, but alas I cannot find my fucking phone charger for the life of me, and it is especially fucked because I thought I made a point of plugging it in when I hopped into bed at 7:30.  So good one, drunk Alix, and also while I was just searching for my charger, my alarm went off at 9:05pm when I meant to set it for 9:05am.

While I was working today I received a response to an inquiry it appears I sent at 4:25am to someone selling two silkie chickens (and not even guaranteed hens).  I currently have 35 chickens.  Anyways, I’m supposed to be picking them up tomorrow.

FullSizeRender (11)
With these adorable babies beside my bed I don’t even want to sleep anymore; my chick count is at 14 now
IMG_2961 (1)

Back to the adventures of last night (now this morning) I spent lots of time loving my pets, chickies and hamsters and kitties.  Then, at the first hint at light, I gathered up towels, a blanket, random household weapons, 3 or 4 snacks for the chickens, water, my phone, and ventured over to the barn.  I slept there for about two hours with the chickens and ducks, then came home and slept the remaining two hours in my bed.

Worked my nine hours at the shop and now I’m home for a few days with my beloved family and pets.  I have some sweet plans for when I return to the shop, and this past week was busy sorting out merch (stocked shelves yay!) and schedules (more tattooer availability yay!).  I’m glad to be making progress with everything!  I actually did recover from my hangover today very quickly, which is mainly why I thought I had it all under control.

Excited for the rest of tonight (family stuff yayay) and tomorrow (chickens and tea party). 🙂


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