Chicken Farming Madness

Last night I dreamt that I slept in past 7:30pm and subsequently missed a whole day of playing with and caring for my chickons.  Thankfully I was able to wake up at a decent time aaaand I woke up to chirping coming from my incubator.  Two chicks were “pipping.” After a long day of waiting, one hatched.

IMG_2099IMG_2637IMG_2674FullSizeRender (10)

My brooder, or whatever it is called, was waiting for little chicky (whom I feel is a boy so I will refer to the chick as “he” until I have reason to believe he is a girl) but I’m still waiting for him to dry off.   Never mind, now he is happily settled in his new home, right beside my bed tonight. He’s adorable and vocal and I really hope he wants to be my friend. We named him Bruce.

As for my Muscovy ducks, Señor Degrassi and his three ladies are doing well! Today is their third day free-ranging and they’ve mainly stayed inside the barn, associating well with the chickens.

Flattop’s head is blocking Sweetpea and Mademoiselle
The reds have no shame about stealing bread from the duckies
Ducks in a line! From left: Mademoiselle, Helga, Sweetpea, & Señor Degrassi

Yesterday my two brothers-in-law visited for the afternoon and evening and we hung out around the barn a lot.  Jon, the older one, helped me muck out the duck’s stall and clean up the pile of dirt/straw that the chickens disrupt and play in every morning.  Nick, the other one, brought his duck-loving girlfriend and they played with my sweet chickens.

Whitetail says, “NO, THANK YOU!”  Lonely Chicken (the cock in the front) is a bit concerned.
Nick had no idea what to do with Feisty once he caught her.

So in short, chicken farming is sweet af as always.  I’m too eager to go to sleep (so that I can wake up in the morning to hopefully another chick, at the very least multiple eggs pipped) so I’m wide awake.


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