Briefly, Tattoo Manager Again

It’s Monday night, so mid-weekend for me, and I have, like, 5 things on the go on the computer and two projects in front of me.  Probably about 15,847,298 things in my mind too.

I return to the tattoo shop on Wednesday morning, leaving me with another day as being a full-time chicken farmer, but really I have a lot of stuff to prep for the shop.

There is this really tacky bar beside the shop.  One time a guy got kicked out of the tattoo shop for flirting with teen girls so he went to the bar and ended up getting arrested for whipping out his dick on the bar.  Yep.  The cops came back to the shop to ask the tattooers about it because loaded, old guy had said he had just been at the tattoo shop.

The bar got shut down for a bunch of infractions and now there is a “new” place there.  I went to the “new” place the first official meeting I had with my boss, when we negotiated my wage, schedule, and duties.  It was great.  On Wednesday I’m holding my first meeting, so naturally we’re going there.

The convention looms, we have lots of cool new merchandise that needs to be marketed properly, and the tattooers seem to be getting busier and busier with more absurd requests like customers insisting to the point of rudeness that they must be fit in that day.

I’m still loving my job.  🙂  Most people have been great.  It’s just a lot.  Orders and inspections and training and advertising and naturally wanting to spend the most time getting to know the great customers who come into the shop to get pierced or tattooed.

As for chicken farming, the far more exciting part of my life…
(see next post)


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