Quick house pet update

The house pets* live pretty interesting lives, if I do say so myself. Chopsy the supposed-mini-pig is starting to develop a reputation as the fashion police. If my mother or I wear socks and sandals around him, he'll try to remove the sandals. He dislikes unnecessary zippers. Shoelaces and trousers that are baggy at the … Continue reading Quick house pet update


A few more animals won’t make a difference…

It's too hard to try to catch up on things. My happy farm and crazy-busy life means things are constantly changing. I contacted this lady about getting some girlfriends for Sheepie, who continues to live his miserable life as Big Daddy's bitch in that strange goat-sheep triangle relationship that's happening. The lady had calico sheep that … Continue reading A few more animals won’t make a difference…

Icky sicky ickiness

My work week (at the tattoo shop, not my farm) started on Wednesday and I feel like I've hit the ground running since.  An hour and a half meeting spurred a big list for me to get done, which normally motivates me and did motivate me on Thursday, but then I felt randomly under the … Continue reading Icky sicky ickiness


Fluffy Farming Adventures

Not only are my ears rebelling, but my throat has joined the uprise against me. I didn't go to work today. I clocked out an hour early last night and spent the final hour crying like a baby. Needless to say, I am not very impressed, so I'm writing a happy post instead. Sheepie remains … Continue reading Fluffy Farming Adventures


More Happiness, Please.

It's been a tough week and hard to keep happy at my happy farm. Hard but not impossible - I am, after all, surrounded by the loveliest of creatures and beautiful scenery. I'm a little hopped up on meds, and have been on and off this week for two different things, and I'm fighting some … Continue reading More Happiness, Please.


When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans

Sheepie had a grand adventure the other day. "Grand" by his dull sheep standards; he spent most of the day by himself. I had to work until close on Friday night, which is becoming a slight problem as the animals should now be closed up around 7:00. When I came home, it was dark and … Continue reading When Animal Adventures Inconvenience Humans


Quick barn gossip

I try to write posts on my phone all of the time and I always fuck it up, but hey, maybe the 57th time is the charm. In this entry I am focusing on barn things. Surprisingly, the goats put themselves to bed in their proper side pen and were still there in the morning. The … Continue reading Quick barn gossip